Squid Gamer BMX Freestyle

Squid Gamer BMX Freestyle

About game «Squid Gamer BMX Freestyle»

Performing breathtaking stunts while riding a bike is also possible. If you play the game, which will transport you to a vast skate park with a range of different structures for tricks, you may see this for yourself.

You may complete each of the game's 100 stages, which will let you perform incredible bicycle acrobatics while in control of a cyclist who is also a soldier from the "The Squid Game" series. The objective of each level is to perform stunts and collect all of the gold money. You have to finish this before the timer runs out. A cyclist can be moved around by pressing the WASD keys. Backspace will take you backward. The cyclist can jump if you push the space bar. A cyclist must quickly shift his center of gravity whenever he moves in order to maintain balance and prevent falling. To do this, utilize the QEFV keys. The level must be started over if the cyclist loses control and crashes to the ground. You can locate every coin using the tiny map.