Star vs the Dungeon of Evil

Star vs the Dungeon of Evil

About game «Star vs the Dungeon of Evil»

Disney never fails to excite its audience and thrill seekers with the release of a new animated movie about a young girl who is referred to as the star Butterfly. Do you know the origins of Star Butterfly? The genuine supporters are grinning now, but the remainder might disagree. Talk a little bit about her now. The butterfly was given a magic wand by her mother for her birthday fourteen years ago, and as a result, she ended up on our planet. By the way, every journey starts here on Earth. We won't go over the parts where she makes friends with Marco and the other guys because we're going to introduce a game where Star and Marco battle the demons that came to Earth in search of Butterfly. All of the creatures from the Mewni dimension who came to get the girl have hidden in one of the dungeons, and they will launch their attacks from there.

The monster commander Ludo will make every effort to destroy the girl and her pal in the dungeon, so take a risky voyage there. Along the way, utilize a magic wand, battle enemies, and gather jewels.