Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops

Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops

About game «Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops»

Do you enjoy interstellar battles and imperial conquests-style adventures? Would you like to experience some real action and unwind a little? To defeat the imperial armies and complete several special missions on three far-off worlds, Ezra and his companions need your assistance. Choose your preferred character, then select one of the four mission types that are offered (collect supply crates, clear out imperial outposts, destroy imperial vehicles or defeat a boss). Young Jedi, may the force be with you!

Play the free online game Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops. Even though the Death Star has been destroyed, the Rebels are still facing difficult circumstances because Imperial soldiers are now pursuing them throughout the galaxy. However, they have nowhere to go and must avoid space wars. Begin a tour through the space base with the game's key characters. Strike your opponents straightaway to prevent them from attacking you. If you don't find the missing elixirs of life and other prizes, you won't make it to the finish line and won't be able to aid the rebels.