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In the world of replenishing tactics, discover a brand-new multiplayer tactic where you must command troops, repel invaders, and occasionally assume this role yourself while attempting to color the entire planet in the hues of your state.

If you take a look at the global map before you take control of the forces, you probably noticed that each territory is painted in its own color, which hints that these are all the colors of your opponents, which you will eventually have to adopt. However, in order to accomplish this, you will need to engage the military forces of the state whose sovereignty you are claiming. No one, however, can promise that if you choose the incorrect tactics and strategies, you will not lose your own regions. Therefore, it is preferable to be consistent and take over a small portion of another person's domain. You will undoubtedly enjoy yourself immensely while battling on the various settings we have included just for you. Get the upper hand while playing our free online RTS, playing 1v1 on the initial levels and against more opponents on the following levels.