Princess Run: Temple and Ice

Princess Run: Temple and Ice

About game «Princess Run: Temple and Ice»

The princess discovered that an item that can kill any monster is kept secret in the old temple. The girl comes to this temple to get her hands on a rare weapon. She faces numerous challenges on the way there nevertheless.

The game offers a variety of heroine skins, practically all of which may be purchased for a specific number of coins. The initial skin is the only one that is completely free, and you can use it when the game first starts and your account balance is 0. You can alter the princess's hair, clothing, and shoes before leaving on a journey. You can get assistance with this from the playing field's left panel. You'll get the chance to travel to several places. All of them, with the exception of the first, can also be accessed for a price. Follow the princess on a voyage through the first location to collect coins and replenish the game account, the balance of which is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. She will advance on her own, and you will have to assist her in changing lanes whenever she comes across obstructions like stones, trees, etc.