Stickman Counter Terror Shooter

Stickman Counter Terror Shooter

About game «Stickman Counter Terror Shooter»

Try the online game Stickman Counter Terror Shooter if you like shooters where you have to shoot terrorists while navigating around a specific area. Here, you won't discover any realistic or finely detailed visuals. Stickmen, stickmen, who are so adored by gamers of all ages, serve as the plot's major characters. Stickman lives in a little town that was taken over by terrorists in another part of the world. You will need to assist our hero in the Stickman Counter Terror Shooter game as he enters the city as a member of the police special forces and eliminates all the crooks.

Stickman made the decision to join the special forces, invade the city with a team of experts, and then go annihilate every foe. The Stickman, who will appear on the screen and move the weapon in his hands, will be visible at all times. On the screen in front of you, your hero will be standing with a weapon in his hand. On city streets, that is. You'll need to cautiously start moving forward by carefully scanning your surroundings. As soon as you spot the enemy, point your weapon at him and use the precise shooting to eliminate him.