Stickman Street Fighter 3D

Stickman Street Fighter 3D

About game «Stickman Street Fighter 3D»

Stickman Street Fighter 3D is a cool fighting game. You will play as Stickman, who knows how to use his fists against bandits and hooligans. This time our hero will have to face a bandit group that has spread its nets throughout the city. To free the villagers from the villains, you will have to show them who is in charge here. Stickman is already ready to kick the ears of all enemies, and you will help him in this. Your hero possesses different martial arts and various types of weapons - from cold to firearms.

Dangerous adventures await you ahead, where adrenaline will simply go off the scale! Criminals will attack you throughout the level. Deal fatal blows to them and destroy them one by one. Smash boxes and boxes that will come across on your way. There are hidden weapons or first aid kits. To open access to a new hero, you need to overcome a certain number of levels. Together with the online game Stickman Street Fighter 3D, you can completely relax and have a great free time. Good luck!