Rickshaw Driver

Rickshaw Driver

About game «Rickshaw Driver»

Asian towns have streets with the original style of the cab. In the online game Rickshaw Driver, you can now take on the role of a motor rickshaw yourself. You may immerse yourself in the ambiance of Asia with this 3D game's realistic graphics. You must transport passengers from one location to another. You will receive remuneration for this just like in real life, but it will be virtual in this instance. You take on the role of a driver who must peddle while scouting the city for consumers. Your mission will be to bring them to a certain area once you've located them. There is endurance in every driver, therefore you don't always drive quickly.

The objective is to earn enough money to purchase a new bike or vehicle. The game only has 10 stages, but you'll need a lot of time to get through them all. In general, the game is highly engaging, particularly for individuals who have never experienced this form of transportation, known as a "taxi." Play, move people around the city, and take pleasure in the game. Try to acquire every bicycle that is offered in the game.