Super Doll Sisters Transform

Super Doll Sisters Transform

About game «Super Doll Sisters Transform»

It's widely believed that birthdays are the day when dreams come true. That's what we were informed as children, at least. But as we become older, we start to realize that it takes time and effort to make our dreams come true. No matter what day of the year it is, you can fulfill your ambition to play with the best dolls right away!

Every girl enjoys dressing to the nines and being a real princess. We present you with a similar possibility in this game. Only here will you actually learn how to dress doll figures and grow into a designer. A fresh group of dolls was brought to the toy store, where they will need to be put up for sale the following day. You will need to prepare them for Super Doll Sisters Transform. You'll need to style her hair after applying cosmetics to her face and choosing a certain toy for this. You can then choose from the clothing options that are offered to you to find something that suits your preferences. After dressing it as a doll, you will need to select shoes and additional accessories to complete the look.