Super Mario Run 2

Super Mario Run 2

About game «Super Mario Run 2»

In this story, the main character unwittingly walked into a deadly trap. You must protect him from serious danger and assist him in avoiding touch with the magical wall that is engulfed in flames. It can quickly exterminate all living things due to its incredibly fast movement. Huge jumps allow you to jump over several barriers and enormous pits. They might differ. such as lone or flying. Make your selections using the left mouse button. You need to search for and gather coins along the road. You will be able to unlock other Super Mario game characters thanks to the points you have accrued.

Shoot dragons, aggressive bees, and other bizarre animals that are ready to rip you apart while armed with a rifle. When the rifle becomes too small for your objective, grab the gun out and destroy everything with it. It will be required to advance while avoiding touch with the deadly threats that will constantly and unexpectedly arrive in your path if you want to survive in Mario's universe. Another one of your duties will be to gather coins that occasionally fall into his path.