Ultimate Mario Run

Ultimate Mario Run

About game «Ultimate Mario Run»

Mario, a modest and endearing plumber from Brooklyn, would hang in one of the honored first positions if someone were to decide to establish the Great Hall of Fame of computer characters. See yet another adventure featuring Mario, who has appeared in countless video games. Visit the Mushroom Kingdom, where the dragon Bowser dragged the helpless princess away while still barefoot. The sad victim of countless kidnappings was naturally restored to his parents' palace by Mario, but the enraged dragon chose to capture and consume the valiant fighter with reptiles.

The arrows only govern the direction of motion for your character as they travel "on the machine," and pressing the "up" arrow causes you to jump. This is required to get over challenging difficulties. By double-clicking the arrow, you can expand the leaps' height and field of view. In order to pass through the biggest gaps, you must do this. There are a lot of traps; beware of them. Gather all the coins you come across so you can modify and advance your characters.