Bus & Subway Runner

Bus & Subway Runner

About game «Bus & Subway Runner»

Bus & Subway Runner is the well-known continuation of our mutual friend's perilous exploits, who is continuously running somewhere and most likely won't ever stop, if only to advance his skills. Our traveler has been to many nations and cities, but he hasn't seen anything quite like this, therefore he is currently embarking on an almost round-the-world journey that will require him to pass through numerous places that are all connected to one another. He will therefore sprint through crowded city streets with automobiles and people, and he might also come across a city with sandy beaches and enormous boats. The eastern map, which is as lovely as oriental music, deserves to be mentioned. We must take all necessary precautions to prevent the nasty police officer from catching up with our kid because he is being chased on all fronts, including in the cold city.

Controlling the runner is simple if you're going with a male for the first time; just left-right-jump. The keyboard shortcuts end there. So relax and enjoy your seat because you still have to run and run all the way to the end of the path.