Tank Spin

Tank Spin

About game «Tank Spin»

Before you is a wonderfully engaging arcade game that will keep you absorbed for a considerable amount of time. It shouldn't be discounted, though, as only the quickest, most deft, and sharpest will prevail here. You should get ready for a gripping game that you won't want to end if you are one of these craftspeople.

In the latest online game Tank Spin, you must seize opposing tanks and destroy them with a single bullet. A playing field with numerous military vehicles will be seen upfront on the screen. Each tank's turret rotates at a different rate. Bear in mind that your tanks are red and the enemies are blue. Predicting when the car's gun will be aimed at the enemy and clicking the mouse at that particular moment is your main responsibility. You will therefore shoot, destroy the opposition's vehicle, and score. Be swift, nimble, and perceptive to prevent losing a fantastic opportunity. Consider the red tank. The display shoots when you tap it (anywhere). When the rocket attacks another tank, the old unit will be demolished, making the new tank the active tank.