Terrorist Attack

Terrorist Attack

About game «Terrorist Attack»

For the first time, an entire town was threatened by a terrorist attack, which occurred in the city. This occurred because the thieves need a number of crucial utilities that were situated on city property. You'll have to take on the terrorists because your group protected these items. Before they cause harm to humans, the invaders must be located and destroyed. As you move through the streets, shoot as soon as you spot the target to prevent being a target of a terrorist attack yourself.

All of the combatants are available, and it appears that the attack was timed to coincide with the bank's weakest security measures. As a security guard responding to the call, you play the role. He is carrying an M4 assault rifle, and he will need to use it to defend himself from the thieves who are attempting to make money. To stop adversaries from employing more potent weapons, move toward their hiding place. Focus solely on eliminating every player on the opposing squad; don't worry about rescuing hostages or planting/defusing the bomb. Can you handle it? Then start the game right now!