Goldie Wedding Proposal

Goldie Wedding Proposal

About game «Goldie Wedding Proposal»

Tom, a young man, wants to marry Goldie, his girlfriend. Goldie arrived with her boyfriend on a date. She doesn't even have a hint that he might ask her out. In the free game Goldie Wedding Proposal, you can create the ideal environment for such a significant occasion. You're about to see something extremely exciting. You're in for a surprise after the game is over.

We will aid him in this through the game Goldie Wedding Proposal. You'll need to set a romantic mood for them because our guy asked her to a restaurant. You can see the dining room in front of you, as well as our heroes seated at a table. There will be a unique control panel on the right. With it, you can adorn the table with various things and meals. Simply select an icon from the panel, then from the offered options, select the one you like most. Tom will get down on one knee, pull out a ring, and ask Goldie to marry him after you're finished. Play Goldie Wedding Proposal from our Friv 2 collection on all types of different gadgets and devices, just right now, completely for free.