Momo Horror Story

Momo Horror Story

About game «Momo Horror Story»

It's likely that you already know who or what we're talking about because the game Momo Horror Story's main screensaver features a monster with chicken paws and a feminine head. Yes, the character who calls the subscriber's phone or sends frightening messages about the subscriber's impending death is she or it. We hope you never receive such a message, but if it occurs in one of these games, you can always use the terror experience you got.

As usual, the story begins with the game's protagonist sitting at a computer when, out of the blue, his phone made a noise, signaling the arrival of a horrific text message warning of his impending death. What should one do in this circumstance? Maybe you should delete and disregard the message. But why did the light suddenly go out? All of a sudden, this is just a coincidence. Since we lack the strength to speculate further, it would be best to get a flashlight. Oh, there it is, laying on the table. Take it, look around, and attempt to find something heavier. For instance, pick up a stick so you can use it to strike a prospective foe.