Transport Dinos to The Dino Zoo

Transport Dinos to The Dino Zoo

About game «Transport Dinos to The Dino Zoo»

Are there any of our visitors who haven't seen Jurassic Park, I wonder? Most likely not, as only the indifferent have avoided watching this popular series of movies. Yes, there were many extinct reptiles that we saw in the movie, but thanks to science, they had been brought back to life. However, the movie deleted the part where the dinosaurs were brought to the theme park. We'll work with your help in the game Transport Dinos to The Dino Zoo, where you'll virtually become the lone provider of enormous ancient monsters while seated behind the wheel of a big vehicle, to replicate this time in augmented worlds.

Forget the freight you used to convey on trucks; back then, it was the merely commonplace cargo that, in the event of a loss, you could easily make up the lost wages by paying the supplier; now, the cargo is essential, and its delivery is fundamental to the growth of knowledge. As a result, you must finish a brief training program before you can start working on transferring dinosaurs. Start a special training mode to achieve this.