Dragon City Destroyer

Dragon City Destroyer

About game «Dragon City Destroyer»

Before they invaded the forest and started to clear it in large numbers, the slumbering dragon went for a long time without harming anyone, and in theory, none of the citizens of the adjacent cities were even aware of its presence. The dragon was awakened by the roar of heavy machinery and enormous saws, and of course, he was enraged when he did so because no one enjoys having their sleep disturbed while also having their surroundings destroyed. You must now demonstrate the power of this enormous fire-breathing monster so that onlookers will understand why it was formerly known as the Dragon City Destroyer!

To our delight and your delight, the dragon turned out to be already an adult. As is typical in almost all dragon games, this means that from the game's development, we won't need to feed and raise it; instead, it is fully grown and, as soon as it soars over the city, the shadow covers the streets, and when the flame breaks out of the chest, everything melts. You must use the dragon's ability to breathe out hellfire to completely burn down the city.