War Plane

War Plane

About game «War Plane»

It's time to take to the air and defeat the enemy. Utilize one of the fighter planes that will be ready for you in the garage to accomplish this. Before you launch into the air, keep in mind your goals; once you've completed all of the combat operations there will be many—you can enjoy the area's natural beauties.

In the video game War Plane, you pilot a military aircraft. By rising the aircraft into the air, you can select the direction in which you want to travel. But when they get closer, enemy planes will try to take out each of you individually. It is your obligation to open fire on the opposition and withdraw the attacked aircraft. You must have quick reflexes, good airmanship, and the ability to avoid gunfire. On occasion, there will be several planes on the field, and they will all fire. You only have five lives, so try to avoid taking pointless risks and keep a reasonable distance from your opponents to prevent the game from ending too soon. Do you have the courage to accept such a test? Then, good luck!