Rock-n-Raven - Teen Titans Go!

Rock-n-Raven - Teen Titans Go!

About game «Rock-n-Raven - Teen Titans Go!»

There are several teenagers among the young titans that stand out for their talents and extraordinary powers, and Raven is one of these youngsters. Her gifts are already fully developed, and as time goes on, the young woman will grow into a stunning individual. Raven, though, continues to be the most typical child and, more than anything, she wants to learn how to skate. The lady desires to perform various stunts on a board with four wheels, the more difficult the better in addition to simply riding on it.

Raven made the decision to outperform Robin's own accomplishments, and in her opinion, this is more than real. In order to break records and collect as many bonuses as she can in a short amount of time, the girl mounts a skateboard. You will need it, and the girl is highly capable in her own right. You have one minute to make as many ups as you can and get bonuses. On a skateboard, Raven picks up speed and soars upward. A four-button scale with a little man's movements hangs in the center.