Whack a Craft

Whack a Craft

About game «Whack a Craft»

The protagonist embarks on the most perilous expedition in which he has never had the opportunity to take part. He pleads for your assistance in the earnest hope that you will be able to help him overcome whatever obstacles he faces along the route since he is terrified to face the challenges that fate has prepared for him alone. Move through the numerously divided field of cells. If you must initially travel the common route, the next stages involve a route with a number of obstacles. Continue till you reach the checkpoint without stopping before the challenges.

There are two types of modes: a standard adventure and advanced difficulty levels. If you wish to finish the game entirely, it is advised to avoid falling from the platforms that are perched on top of the hill where the action is taking place. To get through various barriers like ground-level traps with razor bayonets, you must jump onto the cells. One of the three available points of life is lost if it was unable to avoid colliding with an obstruction. If you plunge into the abyss, the current stage's progression must be restarted.