Zombie Mission 3

Zombie Mission 3

About game «Zombie Mission 3»

The kid told the girl who was his sister that eventually this would all come to an end. One day we shall locate our parents, the world will once more bloom with flowers, and people will smile at one another. Until then, however, we must rely solely on ourselves and our weapons, which, with any luck, will succeed and ultimately bring an end to all the dead. The last few survivors can shelter here from danger, so it is first required to free this vast underground complex. If you do not join two brave fighters on their Zombie Mission 3, it is unlikely that they will have the strength to handle all the issues on their own.

Each player will understand from the game's name that it is best to play cooperatively. You can do this on a single computer while utilizing a single keyboard. The characters can assist one another, and each participant will have their own set of control keys. By the way, you may play the game alone if you do not have the chance to invite a friend. You will just need to handle one character before moving on to the second.