Zombie Parasite

Zombie Parasite

About game «Zombie Parasite»

Online zombie games do not frighten us, but after watching a film about a walking creature, some people were terrified to go out by themselves. They had the impression that the directors' fantasies would come true. Today, we get the opportunity to play for free while mowing down hordes of zombies with fire, guns, or veggies. Although menacing, these monsters are awkward and simple to eliminate. It's accurate that they may now learn and cunning, so at times it's important to address the topic with fiction. Imagine leading a force of the living dead.

On the screen in front of you, you can see the streets that regular people will use to get around. Certain zombies can be released onto the streets using the unique control panel. Try your best to position your heroes where there is the most commotion. The zombies will then have the opportunity to bite them, turning them into more living dead. You can release specific zombies onto the city's streets with the aid of a unique control panel. Make an effort to position your characters in the area that is the most populated.