About game «Zombiesonthetimes»

A horrifying occurrence looks to be taking place, and it seems as though the hell's gates have reopened for the roaming undead who are ravenous for new flesh and blood. Is it conceivable for such monstrous beings to exist among the living? It sometimes seems as though monsters are wreaking devastation outside the window. Embracing this turns out to be both acceptable and impractical.

During the zombie outbreak, a tiny number of survivors found refuge in a military facility. However, since supplies needed to be replenished, people couldn't be held captive permanently. The hero of the Zombiesonthetimes game then started leaving on the night raids. He has to find and collect a variety of valuable items, as well as, if necessary, protect himself from the undead. Join the zombies and help them smash the govt's defensive structure. They will focus the entire army's strength at you while abandoning you on your alone until the character bites the troops and forces them to side with the dead. Collect parachuting bricks; they will quicken your mobility, restore your strength, and provide energy.