Zootopia: Hopps Pursuit

Zootopia: Hopps Pursuit

About game «Zootopia: Hopps Pursuit»

You play as a member of the Zootopia or Zootopia police force in this game. You are in charge of looking into the crimes that have been committed and establishing the truth. In a conventional hidden object game, you must investigate each crime scene in search of clues for this reason.

Hopps finds it tedious to work in parking lots. She needs a legitimate company where she can showcase all of her skills and abilities. And now it's appeared! From the supermarket store, a sizable bag was stolen. Of course, Hopps won't miss his either! Your job is to a little bit assist her in her pursuit as she moves forward. Along with the characters of your favorite cartoon, jump over hurdles, duck under benches, and just refuel with joy. I wish you luck and an easy win! Sharing the software with parents who enjoy logic games is appropriate. The gameplay is so compelling that you don't want to stop. You will receive bonuses for each case you correctly solve. Have fun!