Do you remember an old classic arcade game where you had to capture as much territory as it was possible and also trap your opponents inside in order to destroy them? I can’t recall the name of the game but I surely remember how much I loved to play it all day long. Anyway, I was so excited when I have found the modern version of this game – 3D. This game is available in real-time multiplayer mode and you can play it with other people, I also loved the 3D edition and rounded map where you can move in all directions. Let’s list all aspects of the game one by one below, shall we?

Just like any io game out there where you play with real people online here you also have an opportunity to join the game and start your match with other gamers instantly. Your job is to conquer as much territory as it is possible and also destroy your opponents by crushing their trace. The game is quite competitive as people playing it are quite skilled, it will take a lot of effort in order for you to succeed.

Destroy all of your opponents, it is as simple as at. You move across the map and draw lines on the map, once you have conquered some land you can safely move within that area. Be careful when you are leaving your location in order to conquer more territory, you are the most vulnerable while you are outside. Try to take land one by one slowly, without drawing large-scale circles.

It is a little bit tricky in 3D to control your character, all navigation is done via mouse, you click and hold the mouse button and move the cursor around the map for drawing circles. I must say it took me some time in order to master navigation in the game, but once you get used to it everything seems easy.

Some tips
– don’t be greedy, draw small circles one by one
– attack other players when their tail is exposed, don’t miss such chances
– stay within your space and play carefully, draw big circles when you are 100% sure that it is safe
– focus on free territory on the edge of your location, don’t go too far outside
– watch where your opponents are located and analyze the map carefully

This is a pretty entertaining game that offers thrilling gameplay and fun, the opportunity to play it online is another cool part of it. There is a 3D version of the game as well as a classical 2D, I think both versions are quite enjoyable. Try different ones, enjoy challenges and make sure that your name is listed among the best of the best in the hall of fame!